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Wednesday, November 21, 2012. Retreat – DGESCO – Diplomas – Dreams – retreat President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that reform of school time "will last two years," giving due to a request of the mayors expressed at their convention. "I agree with what you offer me this reform will be spread over two years": "those who want to do it for (the re-entry 2013) may do, others" will implement the reform in the back in 2014, Mr. Holland said. Furthermore, Hollande said he had asked the government to implement "the 2013 back" a specific fund of 250 million euros, to support "communities that will implement the reform of school rhythms that date and warrant. ". "I think the rural municipalities and most troubled cities," he added. According to information of Mediapart, the Education Minister Vincent Peillon, who officially welcomed the "courageous decision" of the head of state has yet been put before the fact. The Elysee would have taken hold of the file. Vincent Peillon had indeed said it a few days ago that the reform of school timetables had to be made in 2013 "in the interest of students." When asked Wednesday morning on France Info, the Minister of Education’s’ comes to a session swallowing snakes stating that "you are not a reform school against teachers or against local authorities. There must be a way forward that is not opposed to each other but trying to collect. "" We’re in a strange country. We will move forward. And everyone seems to say we declined. We quickly advance. The decision of Francois Hollande is both courageous and right did not dare do it. And wise because it combines all the world. "., Said Vincent Peillon Unions are always shared Christian Knight, Secretary General of SE-UNSA, admitted after the announcement:" We have a pragmatic president "Its decisions demonstrate. "that this reform had not been thought as a whole before being announced," said he felt But he also warned. "in every department, we will see coexist schools working in four days and schools working in four and a half days. "Escure Lawrence, secretary general of the UNSA Education, goes further:" I do not see, unless you want a general mess, how we can do other than to set a general framework "for 2013," with exceptions ". He asked a deadline as to who will take the week of 4.5 days in 2013 or 2014." We want a successful reform everywhere and for all students and if it should take two years, take thee mps, "said for his part Sebastien Sihr general secretary SNUipp-FSU. "This reform can not be reussiedans rich towns and summarize daycare where money is short," he added. The reform must also go through the review of programs and personalized aid, he asked. Among parents, Jean-Jacques Hazan, president of the CIPF, believes that municipalities "will not have more money in 2014": "The goal for us is September 2013," a- he said, advising against municipalities to temporize before the elections. I had expressed to me, even before the presidential elections, reservations about the obsession with Vincent Peillon want to start rebuilding the reform rhythms and running and the risk of burnout on this very complex issue. But since this was announced, we had to be proactive. But the retreat granted by Francois Hollande is a very negative signal. And he is not even sure it attracts the good graces of those who were reluctant a priori. For these concessions will be analyzed as a symptom of indecision and a lack of political will. "You are not a school reform against teachers or against local authorities." Said Vincent Peillon. True, but if we give way as soon as it sways a little, without taking the time for compromise and explanation, we risk upsetting everyone. Including early supporter of the overhaul. Some are very severe. "I think Francois Hollande does not believe the overhaul initiated by the Minister or that he disapproves of the idea. By first reframing the scoring system, and now the reform rhythms, and each time at a press conference, he publicly challenges the most characteristic directions that should be school tomorrow. writes blogger Lionel Jeanjeau in a post titled "well you resume a little warm water? "On his blog" Changing the School is now! "Anyway 2013 or 2014 for the reform of rhythms, who cares. In a month, it’s the end of the world … The DGESCO Director General of school education, Jean-Michel Blanquer was replaced by the Council of Ministers Wednesday, November 21, 2012. This is the special adviser Vincent Peillon, Jean-Paul Delahaye who took his place. the "DGESCO" this is a key position, a sort of "bis minister." Jean-Michel Blanquer was appointed by Luc Chatel. He was the principal drafter of the last entry of the circular which was then be changed by the new ministerial team. the former rector of the academy of Creteil is the "inventor" of excellence boarding schools and boarding school reintegration. as written Baumard Maryline in the World "the minister chose to replace it at a strategic time. On the one hand, Vincent Peillon expected that a framework law is written. Mr Delahaye, who has the confidence of the minister as a thorough knowledge of the institution was a pillar for the development and drafting of this central text. On the other hand, it was urgent to change Mr. Blanquer was wrong meet to sign the implementing texts of this law. The situation was complicated. "Several news sites recall the journey of Jean-Paul Delahaye. We can also see the portrait that made him his friend Claude Lelievre. Jean-Paul Delahaye filled successively college professors, senior inspector of national education normal school principal and school inspector in particular in Seine-Saint-Denis. He is also associate professor at the University Paris V Rene Descartes- history of school policies. A general inspection, he was Dean of the School Life Group and has contributed greatly to the formation of CPE and school teachers. Jean-Michel is Blanquer candidate
to succeed Richard Descoings head of Sciences Po. "If a new recruitment procedure is initiated and I’m going to find my freedom of action and speech," said Blanquer at the Express. . Recall that awaits the final submission of the report of the Court of Auditors on the management of Sciences Po and the implementation of possible legal action against the former leaders, including Herve Cres, candidate nominated by management. Thursday we will know whether or not the entire procedure for appointing the new director of Sciences Po must start from scratch. Diplomas Until the next delivery of Pisa in 2013, it is worth going to see the blog "the deciphered education" Eric Charbonnier, the "education" specialist in the OECD and one of the leaders of the comparative survey published every three years. In a post on November 20, it usefully recall that the degree remains "the best protection in times of crisis." We still can not therefore speak of "school inflation". First, because the financial advantage on that provides a higher education degree has remained stable in most countries. Over 50% of the gross domestic product (GDP) recorded in the OECD countries over the past decade is due to the revenue growth of the work of higher education graduates. We even found that income disparities are increasing: in the countries of the OECD, the graduates can expect to earn on average 55% (against 47% in France) more than high school graduates. But mostly, Eric Charbonnier shows that if the economic crisis also affects graduates of secondary and higher education is to a lesser extent compared to non-graduates. We should also remember that in France, 150,000 young people leaving the education system without a diploma each year find themselves in situations of extreme hardship in the labor market. The proportion of school youth unemployed in the age group of 20-24 years with a lower level of education at the secondary is 16% on average in 2010 while he is at least 25% in small group of countries including France and also including Spain, Estonia, Ireland and the Slovak Republic. Dreams Professional social network LinkedIn surveyed 8,000 employees to promote careers they dreamed children. 30% of respondents said they had achieved their dream job desired in childhood, or at least have worked in a field closely related to it. The presents the survey results as a slide show. In fact, the presentation differs trades only dream about boys and girls. In the top 5 of the dreams of men, we’ll find: a professional athlete (8.2%), driver (6.8%), science (6.8%), lawyer (5.9%), and astronaut ( 5%). For women, the mentioned professions are teaching (11.4%), veterinarian (9%), screenwriter (8.1%), doctor or nurse (7.15%) and singer (7.1%) . This is also a good illustration of the differential socialization gender and weight of stereotypes. Good reading… ——————————————— – of 11/21/12 (some paid items) Rhythms school: parents and teachers in the great blur After the announcement of Francois Hollande spread over two years the transition to the four-day week and a half, unions teachers and parents react messy. Read more of the article the Court of Auditors Report: Sciences Po against attack Executive compensation, teacher management, role of the state … Even before the official publication of the judges report on its management, school issued seventy-five pages of answers. Read more of the article Parity: Sciences Po in the rear At Sciences Po, there is the theory and practice. In theory, we teach inequalities due to gender. In practice, it reproduces. The saga of the estate of Richard Descoings has been a vivid demonstration: not a woman among the four finalists selected candidates, it must be said, by almost exclusively male committees from themselves, why hide, advice overwhelmingly manly … Read More Article ————————————— —— Le Figaro 11/21/12 (some paid items) Francois Hollande backs on school timetables the president made Tuesday gestures towards mayors, spreading over two years reform to restore the week of 4.5 days. Read more of the article Director of the school: "It will leave Chloe in peace," Michel Sanson, High School Director Bellevue Ales (Gard), prepared psychologically to welcome students and teachers Chloe Rodriguez, second grader, kidnapped for a week. Read more of the article inadequately protected children face the multiplication of screens The Defender recommends not leave a child alone with a digital tablet three years. Read more of the article if the adolescent crisis was a chance? We talk with Maryse Vaillant, author of "Forgive her children" Read more of the article —————————- ——————— the (some paid items) of 11/21/12 Jean-Paul Delahaye Director of school education Director General school education, Jean-Michel Blanquer be replaced this morning by the Cabinet. This is the special adviser Vincent Peillon, Jean-Paul Delahaye who will take his place. Read more from the article "The Social Elevator is down. What is still in school?" Aurelie Ledoux We are all Julien Sorel and all feel nostalgia for a time when you could (or thought he could) out of the middle. From this point of view, The Red and the Black, Stendhal, is the first novel of the failure of the social ladder, says Ledoux Aurelie incisive in this little book on the school. Professor of Philosophy in high school in Vernon (Eure), the author supports where it hurts, but also knows how to be qualified. Read more of the article The diploma is the best protection in times of crisis For 50 years, the education systems are booming More Article ———— ——————————- Humanity of 21/11/12 Sebastien Sihr. "The priority is not school rhythms" At the head of SNUipp-FSU, Sebastien Sihr was arraigned Thursday the Prime Minister about the lack of resources given to this reform. And remember that it is not the "magic bullet" to rebuild the school. Read more of the article Education TV France entered yesterday launched an educational website for parents, children and teachers. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 21/11/12 a fatwa might be launched against Malala, 15 a British Islamist splinter group plans to meet in Islamabad to launch a religious decree against the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala. A true miracle of an assassination attempt organized by the Taliban, the girl is now accused to 15 years, to support "the US occupation forces." Read more of the article 800 tonnes of food wasted every year in college, 2 M € with food are thrown in the canteens of Essonne colleges. The General Council of the Essonne launching several actions, including the establishment of composters. Read more of the article "There are children who do not have to eat," Not always easy to finish his dish in the canteen, even for those who put the best of wills. "I find that waste is not well," says Alexia in class 6th to Morsang-sur-Orge. "But she admits, it happens to leave. "Ditto for one of her friends, Alison. "There are children who do not have to eat. Read more of the article Chatenay-Malabry: a teacher bitten by a student A teacher was assaulted by one of her students, Monday November 19 to 14 hours at a college in Chatenay-Malabry (Hauts-de-Seine) . Professor, irritated by the behavior of a 14 year old girl, educated in the fourth, trying to use his cell phone going, took him under his hands. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 21/11/12 the Defender wants to better protect children screens on the occasion of the international Day of the rights of the child, the Defender of rights submitted a report on relations children screens and makes ten proposals to make the digital world safer for them. Read more of the article Week four and a half days, reforming exchange rate front of the Congress of Mayors of France, Tuesday, November 20, in Paris, Francois Hollande agreed to postpone by one year, until 2014, the entry into force of the week four and a half days in primary school for cities that wish. Read more of the article France Televisions launches educational website Taking over of the new platform, francetveducation, is both for students, teachers and parents. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– echoes (some paid items) of School 11/21/12: reform rhythms will be over two years the return to four and a half days of class will last until 2014. Francois Hollande promised yesterday an assistance of 250 million euros fund. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 21/11/12 Youth: an "art education course" from the returned 2013 the government intends to implement from the 2013 return an "arts and cultural education courses "throughout school life closely with local authorities, said Wednesday a statement from the Council of Ministers. Read more of the article Rhythms school: reform "will run for two years," Holland announces President Francois Hollande said Tuesday that reform of school time "will last two years," granting a request mayors expressed at their convention. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 the public 21.11.12 Silver to public school: to break a budget by Francois Cocq and Francis Daspe (Left Party) on 8 November, the budget the education component is discussed in the national Assembly . In an austerity ocean, this could be an opportunity for the government to show a radical break with the Sarkozy era. Instead, teachers are called by their minister to "participate in the redistributive effort" and the tourniquet tightens around the budget of the Education. The occasion would be yet beautiful to be a strong political act while "redistributing" the rent of some for the benefit of the general interest: it suffices to allocate public funds to public school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France … 11/21/12 Nothing seen ——————————- —————– the Journal du Dimanche 11.21.12 rhythms school: a reform finally over two years Announced for the 2013 return by Vincent Peillon, reform of school timetables will be spread over two years, said Francois Hollande on Tuesday night and, to meet demand mayors. primary trade unions are in turn divided on this question. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent Holland 21.11.12 spreads reform school time over two years the head of state also announced the creation of a special fund of 250 million euros to support communities. Read more of the article Sciences Po fights tooth and nail to retain its separate status before the verdict of the Court of Auditors, expected Thursday, the school has released a 75-page document to defend its management. At stake: the preservation of its independence Read more of the article Why France resists PISA While the new OECD PISA released next year, few minds in the world of education make a point about french blockages. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 21/11/12 candidate to succeed Descoings, Jean-Michel leaves Blanquer DGESCO one of the candidates to succeed Richard Descoings head of Sciences Po leaves his post at the Ministry of Education. Read more of the article Saving soldier Erasmus The Erasmus program, which allows students to live a few months in another country in the European Union is seriously threatened. To the chagrin of Jacques Attali. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- 21/11/12 — the Cafe Pedagogique reform school rhythms spread until 2014 when the Congress of mayors of France, on November 20, the President announced his decision to leave two years in the Commons implement reform rhythms. This is the first serious snag in the overhaul. Unions react differently to this situation. Read more of the article Suchaut: Rhythms: A proper solution Suchaut For Bruno, research associate at the IREDU, PHRU (Vaud), the decision to postpone the reform of school time is an adequate measure. Far from stopping the overhaul it will ensure the basics. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Touteduc (fee) of 21/11/12 Vincent Peillon meet associations CAPE at education fair tomorrow 22/11 Member associations CAPE (collective associations public school partners) meet Vincent Peillon, tomorrow, 22 November, at the education Fair. They organize indeed an afternoon of debate, which must involve the Minister of Education, to remember that "the education of a child time is not limited to his life of student" and that discussions on the rhythms school should not be "in defiance of a comprehensive educational time." All must "cross these different dimensions," and it should not be "a time for group instruction and a time to individual aid, a time for fundamental and a time for the cultural soul supplement, time for instruction and time for education. " CAPE even believes that "the school must stop thinking only for itself, leaving a posteriori other educational fields the task of filling vacant spaces". Read more of the article Jean-Paul Delahaye named DGESCO (BBC) Jean-Paul Delahaye, special adviser Vincent Peillon should be appointed general manager of school education, that on November 21 the Council of Ministers and replace Jean-Michel Blanquer, contestant from Sciences-Po, announces "the" which reminds us that Jean-Paul Delahaye, inspector General of national education, has published "the single college for what?" (Retz, 2006) and is an activist of the common base of knowledge and skills. Read more of the article The concentration of students from immigrant is not a hindrance to performance classes (PISA) "The concentration of students from immigrant families in an educational institution or a class is not necessarily an obstacle to the good performance of students. however, the concentration of students in disadvantaged socio-economic profile is, in turn, highly correlated to obtain lower educational outcomes for students " OECD concluded in No. 22 of the microscope Pisa entitled "Where are the students from immigrant families in disadvantaged schools?" Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Educavox of 21/11/12 changes in practices towards industrialization of teaching? Alain Jeannel After reading the article by Jean-Michel Cornu and Christopher Castro How to over 100 000 people? Inriality on, here are some questions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 21/11/12 school Rhythms Peillon was not aware Reportedly, the education Minister Vincent Peillon, who officially welcomed the "courageous decision" of the head of the State announced the postponement of the reform of school time has yet been put before the fact. The Elysee has taken hold of the file. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — 11/21/12 of Jacques Attali: saving Erasmus funding constraints, the European program which allows students to study six months in another EU country is in grave danger. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Huffington Post 21/11/12 And if instits revolted … Emmanuel Davidenkoff But what fly stings the instits? We believed them reassured and optimistic after the return of the left to power, were seen by enlightened vanguard of reform was imagined rather threatened by conservatism came from secondary education. And now they send two warning shots Vincent Peillon can not ignore. Read more of the article Kelvin Doe, the genius of Sierra Leone who impressed MIT At 13, he built electric batteries and generators from items found in the trash in his village in Sierra Leone. Three years later, it amazes US experts. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the EducPros of 11/21/12 inches Sciences response to the Court of Auditors exempts Herve Cres Sciences Po unveiled before the official publication Thursday, November 22, 2012 the final report of the Court of Auditors, its response to the institution of the rue Cambon. A very detailed response, which exempts the IEP Herve Cres irregularities management service teachers. The names of David Azema and Jean-Michel Blanquer come back also in the race to succeed Richard Descoings. Read more of the article Jean-Paul Delahaye, a new DGESCO The new Director General of School lessons named this Wednesday, November 21 has origins, a course and ” elective affinities ” that clearly distinguish it from its predecessor Jean- Michel Blanquer. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- 21/11/12 VousNousIls the school Rhythms: reform must be made in 2013 "in the interest of students" (Peillon) While the AMF evoked yesterday a carry back to the week of 4.5 days in primary school in 2014 in some municipalities, Vincent Peillon wishes to maintain the application of the reform in September 2013. Read more of the article teacher training: Espe assume the "worst part of the inheritance" IUFM (CDIUFM) Demougin Patrick, president of the CDIUFM, yesterday castigated the first developments of the reform of teacher training, presented on November 14 in a working paper Ministry of Higher Education. 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